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Your Baby Pales in Comparison

Pale babies are ugly. But we know that UV exposure can age their skin too early, so what to do? Baby spray tan! Not only can you easily give your baby that sun-kissed glow, but you also have the option … Continue reading

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Model Citizens: It Starts With the Parents

We’re changing format just for a day here. Since last weekend was Mother’s Day, I thought it appropriate to celebrate all parents. Including dads. Because dads also can make sure that babies aren’t ugly. Dads can make babies into models. … Continue reading

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Angel Hair is When Your Angel Has Hair

Bald babies are ugly. Bald girl babies are especially ugly and confusing. Is it a boy? Is it human? How can we tell? Give the girl some hair. Now. Infant baldness is a serious shortcoming in your child. What are … Continue reading

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