Face it: Your Baby’s Skin Sucks

Face it: baby acne is ugly.

Your poor little one is suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous face care. And you need to fix it, stat. Can you imagine how she feels when all the other babies are cooing “Nipple Face” at her? And those bubbles they’re blowing? Just mocking her acne. So to avoid any further trauma, give that kid a facial, pronto.

Baby facial

Use all organic ingredients for the prettiest skin!

It’s easy. Use all-natural organic ingredients and smear them on while she sleeps. Sure, it may get the crib a little messy, but her everlasting beauty is worth a load of laundry. Am I right, ladies?


About prettyprettybaby

Admit it. Babies are ugly. But don't be embarrassed about your baby. I have a wealth of knowledge that can help make your baby as beautiful as possible. It takes work and dedication, but you too can have a Pretty Pretty Baby. I'm a mother and an Infant Stylist, and can share some special gems to make your child stand out from the rest.
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