Baby Love: Finding the Perfect Someone for Your Little One

Single babies are ugly.

Is your little one sitting at home alone on a Friday night? Is she having a hard time connecting with that special someone during playdates? Nobody to share a binky with?

It’s an easy solution.

Baby Match dot com

Find true love for your little one.

Some advice for her successful online profile:

  • No bathroom mirror photos. Nobody needs to see TP in the pic.
  • Be honest.
  • Full body photos. Headshots mean she’s fat.
  • Don’t show too much skin. Keep it classy.
  • Make sure she has lots of activities and interests listed. It casts a wider net.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. Fetal flashcards will ensure she’s capable of handling spell-check.

Behold a successful profile:
A perfect baby profile

Adorable photo? Check. Honesty? Check. Specific needs? Check. Profanity? None.

Follow the simple guidelines and your baby will be headed down the aisle by kindergarten!


About prettyprettybaby

Admit it. Babies are ugly. But don't be embarrassed about your baby. I have a wealth of knowledge that can help make your baby as beautiful as possible. It takes work and dedication, but you too can have a Pretty Pretty Baby. I'm a mother and an Infant Stylist, and can share some special gems to make your child stand out from the rest.
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