Pretty in P-Ink

Your baby needs to be reminded through their whole life the sacrifices you’ve made for them. How can you give them a permanent reminder of how much they should love you? Baby tattoos!

Baby Tattoo

Baby + Mom Forever Tattoo

Yes, infancy is a perfect time to “ink up”! Think about it:

  • Your child is either sleeping or crying all the time. What’s the difference if she’s getting a tattoo?
  • Baby skin is stretchy. The tattoo will grow with her, as will her love and adoration for you for giving her such a great lifelong gift of art.
  • She’ll be the baddest baby on the block; nobody’s gonna bully this kid! She has a TATTOO for crying out loud!

So don’t just give your baby the gift of life, give her the lifelong gift of your name on her body.


About prettyprettybaby

Admit it. Babies are ugly. But don't be embarrassed about your baby. I have a wealth of knowledge that can help make your baby as beautiful as possible. It takes work and dedication, but you too can have a Pretty Pretty Baby. I'm a mother and an Infant Stylist, and can share some special gems to make your child stand out from the rest.
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