Fix Her Eyes in a fLash

Short lashes are ugly.

Not all babies are blessed with long, lustrous lashes. And sometimes the birth process can tear out eyelashes. How to fix it? False Lashes!

baby lashes

See how beautiful she can look with the right lashes?

It’s so easy to spruce up your baby’s eyes. Just do it while she’s asleep so you don’t poke her eyeball out.

Baby Lashes

Trim lashes down for the best fit and style.

1) Purchase standard lashes and lash glue. Trim the lashes to the desired width, and feel free to embellish the shape to suit your baby’s needs.

2) Apply glue to your baby’s lids using a small brush. Lash glue is great for babies because it stays on, even through crying!

3) Let glue dry for a minute to become tacky, then carefully apply the lashes using tweezers. Place as close to her natural lash line as possible. When she wakes up, she’ll look more alert and bright-eyed than ever!

Helpful hint: If you find her rubbing at the lashes, just remind her that pretty eyes get good husbands, and that should do the trick!


About prettyprettybaby

Admit it. Babies are ugly. But don't be embarrassed about your baby. I have a wealth of knowledge that can help make your baby as beautiful as possible. It takes work and dedication, but you too can have a Pretty Pretty Baby. I'm a mother and an Infant Stylist, and can share some special gems to make your child stand out from the rest.
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